Dostupný Domov offers affordable housing

Dostupný Domov offers affordable housing


Bratislava, May 12, 2023 - EURACTIV Slovakia presents an interview with Zdenka Polednáková, chairwoman of the board of directors of Dostupný Domov. Dostupný Domov buys properties and then rents them out to people in need at discounted rents. Dostupný Domov j.s.a. is a simple shareholding company whose shareholder is also the state through Slovak Investment Holding (SIH). SIH was interested in investing in something that would promote employment and labour mobility. One of the basic prerequisites to support this requirement is the availability of housing in areas where there is work and, therefore, the stabilisation of people through housing.

This is an investment from the European Funds through financial instruments.


In an interview with you will also find out:

  • what kind of people Dostupný Domov helps,

  • how their cooperation with the state works,

  • whether they have been affected by the war in Ukraine

  • and to what extent they take the environment into account.