About the Company

Company History

Our company’s history began on May 1, 2014. Below are some of the milestones that have marked our development and paved the way for our successful establishment in the Slovak market.


  • Government of the Slovak Republic approves a resolution to set up SZRB Asset Management (SZRB AM)
  • SZRB Asset Management is officially established
  • SZRB AM signs financing contracts with managing authorities and acquires its initial investment resources
  • as of 1 January, SZRB AM takes over the management of EU resources under JEREMIE programme from the EIF (European Investment Fund) and doubles the volume of invested resources
  • SZRB AM concludes its first ever investment, in the D4R7 motorway project. The project subsequently receives the ‘European PPP Deal of the Year 2016’ award from the Project Finance International magazine.
  • SZRB AM announces its first public procurement of financial intermediaries to provide soft loans to SMEs and energy efficiency projects in residential buildings
  • The company is rebranded as the Slovak Investment Holding (SIH)


  • SIH concludes its first direct venture capital investment in GA Drilling, Boataround, and GreenWay
  • SIH establishes a subsidiary - Slovak Asset Management (SAM) - which acquires a license from the NBS (National Bank of Slovakia) to manage alternative investment funds
  • SIH launches cooperation with banks to provide soft loans for SMEs
  • SIH, in cooperation with the EIB (European Investment Bank) and the EC (European Commission), launches investment advisory assignments to identify bankable projects in Slovakia suitable for European repayable financing
  • SIH establishes its Venture to Future Fund (VFF) in order to facilitate commercial equity financing for SMEs
  • SIH launches cooperation with fund managers to provide equity financing for waste management and renewable energy projects
  • SIH launches cooperation with fund managers to provide equity financing for start-up companies
  • SIH launches cooperation with additional banks to provide soft loans to SMEs and energy efficiency projects for residential buildings
  • SIH signs a loan financing deal with ŽSR (Slovak National Railways) for their diagnostic vehicles project
  • SIH finalizes further direct venture capital investments in Qres Technologies, Aeromobil, KOOR and ENSTRA
  • The SIH’s financial instrument won a prestigious European award, organised by fi-compass



Slovak Investment Holding

Slovak Investment Holding, a. s. (hereinafter referred to as the “SIH”) is a joint stock company 100% owned by the Slovak Guarantee and Development Bank. SIH's main objective is to support public and private investments in strategic sectors in Slovakia. SIH fulfils this goal through its four core activities:


SIH’s Principles

SIH’s philosophy is the promotion of financial instruments that are based on a repayable form of financial assistance. This type of investments has several advantages, including:

SIH principles


Ownership Structure


Ownership Structure