We invest in the future of Slovakia

Michaela Balážová, Managing Director of ENSTRA“We are deeply appreciative of SIH’s investment. There is not too many venture capital investors focusing on young technological companies in this region. The innovative financing provided by SIH is therefore particularly valuable to us. Moreover, SIH’s stake has proven to be especially beneficial in serving as a catalyst for a further co-investment from a private investor.”
Milan Orlovský, Co-founder and partner of KOOR“SIH, I would say, was the obvious choice. We have been able to expand and grow thanks to the investment from SIH and the co-investor acquired as a result, having pretty much secured the financing for the next five to seven years.”
Peter Badík,  Co-founder and Director of GreenWay“Last year (2018), we secured financing for further development of GreenWay, having made an agreement with two institutions. One was the European Investment Bank and the other was Slovak Investment Holding.This assistance helped us to develop our investment plan, which should ideally culminate in the installation of more than 800 stations in countries of operation.”
Jana Escher, Co-founder at Boataround“SIH has helped us to develop our product. We put the initial investment towards staff training, product development and marketing. Back when we were starting our business, we had two employees, and provided our services in two language versions. We currently employ over 30 people, our web page is in 18 languages, and we have around-the-clock customer service. So that´s where the investment has actually flown and I do hope that the customers are happy with it.”