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Slovak Investment Holding (hereinafter referred to as the “SIH”) as a manager of the National Development Fund II. (hereinafter referred to as the “NDF II.”) implements direct venture capital investments under the Operational Programmes  Integrated Infrastructure (OPII) and Human Resources (OPHR).

OPII: NDF II. employs a general sectoral approach with the possibility of the implementation of direct investments in all regions of Slovakia. Investments will be carried-out in collaboration with independent co-investors to companies in need of growth equity and quasi-equity capital for their further development. The participation of an independent co-investor must amount to at least 30% of the total size of the investment by NDF II. and the independent co-investor. NDF II. will invest in companies with a scalable product or service with the potential of the significant growth and penetration into international markets and it will prioritise the investment in cutting-edge innovative companies. NDF II. will provide growth capital to companies without the possibility of the buying up the shares from the existing shareholders and it will be exclusively in the position of the minority shareholder.

OPHR: One of the main objectives of the financial instruments under OPHR is to improve access to financial resources for the economic and non-economic activities of the Social Economy Entities, Social Enterprises and Social Impact Enterprises (within the meaning of the Act No. 112/2018 Coll. on the Social Economy and Social Enterprises). Improving access to investment resources is intended to eliminate the problems in securing a sufficient supply of capital and investment; to improve access to the labour market for the long-term unemployed; to increase support for entrepreneurship of disadvantaged groups; to ensure the long-term sustainability of volunteer activities; and to promote social inclusion. Direct investments funded by this Operational Programme are intended for Less Developed Regions, i. e. the whole territory of Slovakia with the exception of the Bratislava Self-Governing Region; while in the case of investments aimed at improving housing and employment conditions of the Marginalised Roma Communities (MRC), the relevant areas are the territories with the presence of such communities. The participation of an independent co-investor must represent at least 30% of the total size of the investment.

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