ELTI celebrates 10-year Anniversary

ELTI celebrates 10-year Anniversary


The new president Dario Scannapieca will lead the association. The anniversary meeting in Madrid was also attended by representatives of Slovak Investment Holding

Madrid, July 2023 – The ELTI (European Long-Term Investors) Association celebrated its 10th anniversary in July. During the jubilee meeting in Spain, the country of the EU presidency, ELTI members elected a new president. Dario Scannapieca, General Manager and CEO of Italy's Cassa Depositi and Prestiti (CDP), will hold this position for the next three years.

The ELTI association was founded in 2013 in Paris. It currently consists of 32 members from 21 EU member states, 2 candidate countries and 2 international financial institutions. The European Investment Bank (EIB) acts as a permanent observer in the association. The key members of ELTI are national financial institutions (NPBIs), which focus on supporting public policies at both national and European levels. In April 2020, Slovak Investment Holding (SIH) also became an official member of this prestigious association.

At the July meeting, the Investment and Development Fund of Montenegro was accepted as a full member of ELTI, and the Georgian State Partnership Fund also participated as a guest for the first time based on support from SIH.

Among other things, the meeting in Madrid provided an opportunity to confirm the new ELTI strategic framework for the period 2023-2033. This framework will form the basis for the activities and priorities of the next 10 years.

In addition to the joint program, SIH representatives attended several bilateral meetings with representatives of partner institutions. Among the most significant was a discussion with CEB Vice-Governor Johannes Böhmer about possible cooperation on selected SIH instruments for Programming Period 2021-27, as well as a discussion with EIF CEO Marjut Falkstedt about EIF's investment in the VFF 2 fund after the end of the investment period of the VFF fund, in which SIH is very interested .

NPBIs play a key role in providing long-term financial support and advisory services across Europe. They help establish private investors in companies and projects in the field of SMEs, innovation, sustainable financing, infrastructure, municipalities, education, and housing. Their activities include financing projects in the field of energy, digitization, combating climate change, economic growth and resilience, in line with national policy priorities.

As public financial service providers owned by national governments in Europe, they are strong and reliable financial partners, capable to design customized financial solutions to respond to their country needs. All NPBIs share European values and they are long-standing, experienced, and strong Implementing Partners of EU funds.

At the end of 2022, the combined total assets of ELTI members sum up to 2.7 trillion EUR and last year ELTI members committed new financing for more than 320 bn EUR of which more than 30% was provided for sustainable projects. Some ELTI members are raising funds on international capital markets and issued 15,5 bn EUR in green Bonds and 3.8 bn in social bonds. These impressive figures underline the strong impact of ELTI members’ financial and advisory activities.