SIH hosted a meeting of the Advisory Board of the Central Europe Fund of Funds

SIH hosted a meeting of the Advisory Board of the Central Europe Fund of Funds


Bratislava, December 6, 2023 - The 12th Advisory Board meeting of the Central Europe Fund of Funds (CEFoF) was organized by the Slovak Investment Holding (SIH) in cooperation with the European Investment Fund (EIF) on December 5, 2023. Representatives of SIH, EIF, Czech NRB (Národní Rozvojová Banka), Austrian Development Bank (OeEB) and Hungarian Development Bank (MFB) met in Bratislava to discuss the Fund´s current status in general as well as plans for the continuation of this regional initiative in the field of capital and quasi-capital investments in the following years.


The natural successor of the CEFoF fund should be CEFoF II in the near future, but with a wider territorial focus, which should cover Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia. The target size of the fund should reach 150 million euros.


More about CEFoF

The Central Europe Fund of Funds (CEFoF) is a EUR 97m fund-of-funds initiative created by the European Investment Fund (EIF) in close co-operation with the governments and national agencies of Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia.

The initiative was created with a goal

  • to boost equity investments into small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and small mid-caps across the CE region,
  • to establish a sound market-based risk financing infrastructure,
  • to implement the best market standards for equity investments in businesses,
  • to attract institutional investors and investment managers to Central Europe.