Slovak Investment Holding has concluded an agreement with e-Dome for cooperation in the field of energy efficiency

Slovak Investment Holding has concluded an agreement with e-Dome for cooperation in the field of energy efficiency


Bratislava,  July 12, 2021 - Slovak Investment Holding concluded an investment in e-Dome a.s., in the form of a loan agreement. This loan has been provided for the development of the energy services market and, as a matter of priority, this financial assistance is to cover the renovation of public buildings.

SIH considers the development of the energy services market to be one of the key areas needed to achieve the climate goals within Slovakia. At SIH, we place emphasis on the efficient use of funds. We are therefore pleased to have been able to provide funding aimed at renovating public buildings to e-Dome, a member of the ESCO Slovakia group, to support this initiative.

Slovakia is the first country in the EU to have prepared legislation together with a model agreement. However, the development of energy services in the public sector is confronted by the current methods of financing which are almost exclusively grants with a non-repayable intensity of 95%. Grant funding not only dissuades the efficient use of funds, it also limits the number of buildings that we can renovate from public funds. It is almost impossible to gain a foothold in the market of non-repayable grants with repayable financing. Nevertheless, a few companies that integrate the most efficient building operations with the most innovative management technologies have succeeded, and one of these companies is e-Dome.

According to our predictions, the development of the market for energy services will soon be one of the key factors in Slovakia in the renewal of public infrastructure, decarbonisation of industry and decentralisation of the power industry. This information was confirmed at the beginning of the year, when ESCO Slovensko (which also includes e-Dome), a new company, was founded. The foundations of this company were created within the joint initiative of the Slovak Gas Industry and ČEZ ESCO. The company has the potential to become a leader in the market of energy services, and is expected to significantly help move Slovakia to a new, greener future.


Slovak Investment Holding

SIH is a 100% state-owned joint stock company. Its main mission is to support strategic public and private investments in Slovakia in the fields of infrastructure, energy efficiency, waste management, social economy and small and medium-sized enterprises. It draws funds for the implementation of investments from the European Structural and Investment Funds. SIH finances projects exclusively in a repayable form, i.e. through financial instruments and not in the form of a grant.



e-Dome a.s. is a provider of energy services and other expert services mainly on the Slovak market. The history of the company dates back to 2010, when it was founded. Since then, the company has managed a number of projects in the field of construction of new buildings and renovation of existing ones. As a founding member of the Slovak Green Building Council, e-Dome is also involved in the education and promotion of trends and new ideas in the field of power engineering in buildings and permanent sustainability in Slovakia.