Slovak Investment Holding Invests in TapGest

Slovak Investment Holding Invests in TapGest


Bratislava, March 19, 2021 – The Slovak Investment Holding (SIH) has signed an investment in TapGest as part of its SIH Anti-Corona Capital Programme, which channels development capital to innovative companies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The transition toward digitalization and transformation of processes into the digital form has become obvious also in the field of advertising industry. TapGest is a company that operates on the so-called digital signage market. Digital signage stands for modern advertisement in the electronic form, be it an interactive map, an electronic poster, a kiosk, an information board or a large-screen projection. It represents a more ecological and aesthetic replacement for traditional printed advertising mediums such as posters of billboards. It increases the value and effectiveness of communication, improves orientation of customers and visitors and simultaneously serves as a modern interactive information system. Within the retail sector, it allows for self-operation everywhere it is possible.

TapGest currently operates hundreds of interactive digital screens installed in shopping centres, fitness centres, hospitals, and banks. Technologically, the screens the company operates are state-of-the-art. The built-in artificial intelligence allows for analysing various data and parameters in order to provide tailor-made visual content. At the same time, it provides a faster and more relevant feedback from customers to advertisers, who are able to alter the communicated message almost immediately.

“We hereby thank the Slovak Investment Holding for believing in us and extending to us the convertible loan for further development of our interactive digital screens. We shall now focus our endeavour at fully capitalising on the market potential and expanding into new segments. We firmly believe that thanks in part to the support from the SIH, we will be able to materialise these ambitions,” said Darko Ban, CEO of TapGest.

The partners of the SIH Anti-Corona Capital Programme are the Slovak Alliance for Innovative Economy (SAPIE) and the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic.


Slovak Investment Holding

The SIH is a joint-stock company that is 100-percent owned by the Slovak government. Its main mission is to support strategic public as well as private investments in Slovakia in the field of infrastructure, energy efficiency, waste management, social economy, and small and medium-sized enterprises. It draws the funds to pursue its investment designs from European structural and investment funds. The SIH finances the projects exclusively via repayment schemes, i.e. through financial tools as opposed to grant programmes. 


Slovak Alliance for Innovative Economy

The Slovak Alliance for Innovative Economy (SAPIE) is the largest national organization associating over 100 subjects that form the ecosystem of innovative and digital economy in Slovakia and providing the platform that promotes a dialogue between its individual members and encourages discussion on topical issues related to innovation-based economy. The Alliance acts as the umbrella organization for innovation-oriented companies in Slovakia and promotes the adoption of open, progressive and flexible legislation that catalyses innovation. SAPIE also creates networks that promote knowledge sharing, increases awareness of the needs of parties involved in the innovation process and, last but not least, serves as the contact point for entrepreneurs, investors and decision-makers within the innovations ecosystem.