Slovak Investment Holding successfully revaluated GymBeam Investment

Slovak Investment Holding successfully revaluated GymBeam Investment


Bratislava, January 26, 2024 - Slovak Investment Holding (SIH) succesfully revaluated investment provided to the e-commerce platform GymBeam. The potential for rapid growth, innovation, data analytics, flexibility, a refined business model or sophisticated marketing. These and other criteria were behind the decision of Slovak Investment Holding in May 2020 to support the GymBeam e-commerce platform with an investment of EUR 2 million. This promising company developed, sold and distributed fitness nutritional supplements, food and equipment for a healthy lifestyle to several countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Growth capital of EUR 2 million from SIH and another EUR 4 million from private investors from the Crowdberry platform helped GymBeam to skyrocket, expand, increase its productivity and overall value. While in 2019 the company had just over 100 employees and a turnover of approx. EUR 20 million, for the year 2023 it is already announcing a turnover of approx. EUR 170 million with over 500 employees. It currently operates in fifteen markets in Central and Eastern Europe.

SIH, whose main activity is the support of an innovative business environment and the increase of competitiveness in the development phase, supported GymBeam company from the resources of the Research and Innovation Operational Program.

Under the Convertible Loan Agreement, it acquired NDF II. business share of 4.5731% in GymBeam. At the end of 2023, investors from Crowdberry used the option - the right to buy out the shares of minority shareholder SIH. The option was contractually enshrined from the outset, as was the pricing mechanism that took into account GymBeam's turnover.

Slovak Investment Holding, through its NDF II. received over EUR 3.6 million for its shares in December 2023, in exact terms it is EUR 3,629,076.