European Investment Advisory

SIH is a partner of the European Investment Bank in the implementation of the Investment Plan for Europe (also known as the “Juncker Plan”). The aim of this partnership is to provide information to public and private institutions in Slovakia about the financial and advisory services of the EIB that are offered under EFSI (European Fund for Strategic Investments) and EIAH (European Investment Advisory Centre). The main purpose is to increase the number of investment projects in Slovakia funded by the EIB and the EFSI. SIH and the EIB signed to this end their Memorandum of Understandingin February 2016.

One of the current main pillars of the cooperation between SIH and the EIB is the "Smart cities & regions" initiative, in which SIH, the EIB and the EY consultancy company map the demand for financing and supply of investment projects in Slovakia in the field of intelligent urban and regional development. In the course of 2018, this joint initiative should confirm the potential for setting up an investment platform in Slovakia for the financial support for projects in the area. We will inform you about the results of this initiative on our website.




SIH also cooperates with the European Commission in this area under its Structural Reform Support Programme. This cooperation consists in the identification of investment projects in Slovakia that are eligible for repayable financing from the sources of EIB, EFSI or with the utilisation of other financial instruments and in the provision of investment advisory support for these projects. For this purpose, the European Commission tendered and funded consulting services provided by the EY Company, which cooperates with SIH and the European Commission regarding this initiative.

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